To ensure our residents get full and a holistic experience, we have separated our facilities into 3 comfort zones. From ‘Excitement’, to ‘Zen’ and all the way to ‘Functional’, each area is made up of different facilities to inspire different moods and achieve different activities. Whether you are looking to work up a deep sweat, or meditate in the serene outdoors, ISOLA @ KLCC comes equipped with everything you need in regards to functionality and recreation.


Created for the active individual who is always on move, the Excitement Zone consists of a Resident Lounge

1. Resident Lounge

2. Sky Pool

3. Business Center

4. Indoor Gym


For those looking to unwinding in peace and relaxation, the Zen zone is equipped with:

5. Party Suites

6. Yoga Deck

7. Outdoor Gym

8. Chill Wifi Zone


The Functional zone is sectioned for more purposeful en-deaves with a range of facilities that include:

9. Party Suites

10. Yoga Deck

11. Outdoor Gym

12. Chill Wifi Zone

13. Automated Carpark Concierge